Warning: ~ Thinking & Speaking Positively May Cause You To Change The World ~

Empower Encourage Embrace

Your Inner Strong Girl


Speaks, coaches and educates teachers, moms and young girls in middle school to cultivate confidence by teaching them strategies on positive self talk, self worth and body image. 

Young Girl Confidence Strategist

Facilitated workshops for 20,000+ audience members supporting them in behavioral transformations. 

#1 Best-Selling Author & CEO Strong Girl Enterprises

25+ years of experience empowering leaders to strategize change within theirselves &  personal teams.

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What Is "Strong Girl Spirit"?

A movement, a community of  resources and reinforcement  to empower you to be positive, to think positive, and to spread positivity

Daily Strong Girl Journals that guide  girls 6-16 through 21-days of speaking powerful and positive "I AM" words into their lives

Believe in Yourself

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Strong Girl Spirit 21 Days of Planting & Growing Seeds of Strength


Dear Strong Girl, What you focus on grows! This journal is full of daily positive motivation, activities, stories and journaling to help you plant the seeds of your positive words, actions, and thoughts.

 Each day you will be reminding yourself just how amazing you are.   Empower...Encourage...Embrace... your inner Strong Girl. 

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Women Who Impact


 Women Who Impact, is a collaborative book that is part of the Inspired Impact Book Series. Every single story in the book is meant to inspire, give hope, and empower its readers. 


Our hope is to get this book into as many hands as possible, so we can inspire and encourage women to step into their power and truly ignite the life they know they were meant for. 

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